for a Democratic Majority in the Colorado House of Representatives

About HMP

Our Mission

To strengthen Colorado jobs, classrooms, and small businesses by fighting for a Democratic majority in the Colorado State House of Representatives.

Democrats invest in Colorado’s future

Our Democratic State Representatives are working tirelessly toward quality public schools, fairness and equality for all Coloradans, and better jobs for the people of Colorado. When Democrats are in the majority in the State House, investing in Colorado’s future and protecting our most vulnerable populations are top priorities, and Coloradans across the state benefit.

The House Majority Project invests in Democrats

As an initiative of the Colorado Democratic Party, the House Majority Project works toward building a Democratic majority in the State House of Representatives. It takes a statewide view of Colorado politics: supporting our caucus members, recruiting candidates, and then funneling financial and strategic resources to key candidates and districts around Colorado. Using data analysis, candidate training and recruitment, and then by vigorously supporting Democratic candidates in targeted races, the House Majority Project plays a critical role in protecting Democratic seats and turning Republican seats blue.

Your investment in HMP is an investment in Colorado’s future

The House Majority Project won’t succeed in its mission without the support of citizens like you.

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